Privacy Policy

When users use our application, we automatically collect the IP address, device ID, device type, and what OS the user is running. We collect users' IP addresses whenever they use our mobile application, which provides us with a coarse approximation of the user's location at the city level in order for Vidya to, for example: provide Organizers with a geo-specific long-code (ie, generic phone number with a local area code),support features such as school selection, and enable other internal measurement and Services features. We also may, with your express consent, request more specific location information in order to provide you with more relevant information. We will not store or track your device location on an on-going basis or without your permission. Vidya does not automatically collect or store phone numbers of first-time users unless he/she has previously used the Services over SMS or opted for registration over phone number. however, if the user has properly signed up for the Services through SMS and then downloaded Vidya's mobile application, Vidya will have and may use the user's phone number: to continue SMS delivery services, and/or as a back-up method of notification.

Permissions required:

Device Info: To avoid installation app in multiple devices

Camera Access: To upload doubts instantly by clicking photos

Collection Policy

  1. 1. Fees structure for the schools / colleges and hostels are formulated and implemented separately for each institution for every academic session, by appropriate internal notifications well in advance. Parents / guardians can make themselves aware of the same through their wards / staff of the institutions /Admission Counselors.
  2. 2. Fees / Dues for the whole academic sessions are payable in advance in lump-sum during the first month of the session for existing students and at the time of taking admissions for new entrants.
  3. 3.On request of parents, payment of the yearly fees / dues in two / three installments are allowed selectively.
  4. 4. Delayed payment of fees / dues in deviation to the permitted installments / schedule, attracts imposition of fine / penalty. That apart, students who fail to pay the Fee within the due date are rendered ineligible for scholarship / fee concessions and hostellers may be disallowed to attend classes & sent back to home.
  5. 5. For undergoing value-added programmes / coaching programmes in the Campus / outside, pertaining to academics or otherwise, additional charges are to be borne by the students enrolling there-under. Details of them, including charges there-of, become available to the eligible students as & when such programmes are arranged / started.

Refund Policy

  1. 1. No refund is admissible against Tuition Fees, Course Fees, Boarding fees and the likes where these are payable for a seat in the institution / hostel for the whole academic session. Rather, unpaid balance on the student concerned towards such fees / dues, if any, are to be realized.
  2. 2. Pro-rata refund is admissible against Mess Dues and the likes where these are payable for recurring expenditure done to make arrangements / provisions for the student. For Mess Dues in particular, the annual fees is treated as for 10(ten) months. While computing refund, month is taken as the unit and an incomplete month is also treated as one month.
  3. 3.Refund is admissible on actual basis against payment made for contingent needs such as Pocket Money, Telephone Expenses, Uniforms & Blazer, Equipments / Accessories (Computer Tablets etc.) and the likes. In other words, the un-spent balances against these payments made to the institutions are refundable.
  4. 4.Against fees paid towards value added extra programmes / coaching facility, refund will be considered in accordance to payment arrangements entered in to with the external service provider(s) concerned.
  5. 5. Caution Money, Security Deposits and the likes are refundable in full net of recoverable charges, if any.