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Vikash has adapted and accepted the implementation of modern systems, adopting latest technologies in teaching methodologies and developments making education a truly global. Preparing new generation students to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible and real world based approach to education. Vikash Group of Institutions spread across the state of Odisha is truly a world-class educational group that strives to educate future citizens for life. The institutions promoted by the group represent the transformation stage of education globally. This metamorphosis and the learning philosophy practiced at Vikash infuses traditional values into a progressive approach, equipping students to become independent, have their feet firmly on the ground, yet adapt and excel in their chosen fields anywhere in the world.


Aims & Objectives

➸ Encourage children to become an active and lifelong learner.
➸ Educate children not merely to do the right things but to enjoy doing so.
➸ Encourage the individuality of every child and at the same time inculcate in them a sense of responsibility and consideration for others.
➸ Instill in the child the values of the rich Indian culture and tradition respecting every creed with tolerance.
➸ Provide an enriched environment for a well-rounded development.
➸ Sensitize children with the value of work ethics and community service.
➸ Prepare children for leadership and personal fulfillment.